RokkinCat started after the original partners shuttered our first attempt at a tech startup. We were accepted into the 94Labs business incubator (this has since turned into Gener8tor). By the time we had finished in the incubator, we had realized that what we really loved was building the product. We saw that the 13 other companies in our class had not finished much of their products because they were having trouble finding programmers. RokkinCat was created to fill that gap, to be engineers that have enough business experience to be effective technology partners.

By working with early stage startups, we honed our business skills; helping founders with their minimum viable product and then executing the development on that product.

By building our own business — and constantly starting up new ones — we immerse ourselves in the kinds of business problems our clients are dealing with so we know first hand if and how technology can help solve them. We haven't hired any growth hackers, or business development experts, or account managers, because we believe that in order to get the product right, our engineers have to understand why the product is being built.