Case Study: Rex

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We built the product from idea stage through multiple rounds of venture capital funding. It started as a hybrid mobile app to maximize flexibility and development speed, and transitioned to a native app once it matured.

The initial round of funding required a code review from former engineers from Twitter and Facebook. All of whom said the code was great thus securing the funding and our place as the development team.

The most exciting aspect of the application is the extensive integration with third party APIs, allowing in-app search of more than 70 services such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and many more. This search API is built with a mixture of Ruby, Elixir, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

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Our Contribution

  • Engineering
  • Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance and Scaling Operations
  • Large Scale Load Testing

Our Results

We developed an API which could support millions of users with every aspect of a modern social networking. While building a massive database of every thing you could consume on the internet.

"In an age of social media dominated by snark, this is the app where it's finally cool to like things again.”
– Helen Estabrook, Producer and REX user